Personal contact is all-important for craftsmen and their customers. The owners of the business, master craftsman Elmar Krawinkel and master craftsman Markus Krawinkel, would like to introduce their staff and explain the business philosophy. Their special emphasis will be on professional organ restoration.


Tradition of organ building

From start to finish, our organs are hand-crafted in the old tradition of artisan organ building. We are dedicated to the tradition of organ building and would like to begin by giving you an introduction to this subject.


Specific parts of an organ

We would like to take you on a tour of our workshop and familiarise you with the specific parts of an organ using text and illustrations. We will explain some of the technical terms such as “wind system”, “tracker action” or “pipes”.


Organ projects

Here, we will show you some of the organs which have been restored or newly built in our workshop, or which have been rebuilt after transfer from one location to another. Small organs and home organs are also included in our product range. A translation to German doesn't exist yet.


Organ maintenance

Of course, we also take care of professional organ service and maintenance.


Wood preservation

Wood preservation is a key factor in organ building. Heat treatment is applied to all our instruments to protect them from damage due to insect pests. At Orgelbau Krawinkel, we do not use any chemicals.