Organ details

Organ pipes


In the manufacture of our organ pipes, the craftsmen at Orgelbau Krawinkel use premium-quality native German timbers as well as a wide variety of metal alloys.

After the timbers have been allowed to dry naturally in our organ workshop for some time, they are then prepared for their specific use.

All the organ pipes are built in our own workshop, in accordance with the principles of classical organ building.

Pipe scales – the individual sound of an organ

Before individual pipes or entire registers are built, we specially scale the measurements of the pipes to correspond to the acoustics of the church and the individual spatial requirements.

From these measurements, we then prepare a pipe scale diagram. In this way, we give each and every organ its own individual sound which distinguishes it from all its “sister” instruments.


The organ pipes are mounted directly on top of the channel holes, generally without guiding rails, and are firmly anchored in rack boards whose holes have burnt-out edges. Pipes which are up to 2 2/3 in length are also fixed in position vertically.