Orgelbau Krawinkel

Detailed information

Organ casework

Our organ casework, including framework and panels, mortice and tenon joints and dovetailed cornices are completely hand-crafted.

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Tracker actions / stop actions

Our organs are distinguished by perfect handcraftsmanship, not only of the visible parts, but also inside the instruments.

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The console of an organ is the organist’s workplace. It consists of the manuals and the pedalboard on which the organist actually plays.

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Wind system

The system by which wind is supplied to an organ depends on the overall design of the individual instrument. This system is individually designed, as are all other parts of our organs.

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The windchest links together the pipes, the airflow and the tracker actions. The air is guided through valves into the desired pipes.

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Organ pipes

In the manufacture of our organ pipes, the craftsmen at Orgelbau Krawinkel use native German timbers of very high quality as well as a wide variety of metal alloys.

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Each individual voice is given a characteristic sound which is adjusted to match the acoustics of the church and the number of stops available.

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